13 Boundary-Pushing Modern Photography Websites

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Are you a cutting-edge entrepreneur looking for some modern photography websites for design inspiration?

Look no further – we’ve rounded up thirteen boundary-pushing websites from around the internet that are sure to make your creative juices start flowing. Plus, did I mention I designed all of these?

I’m a website designer and have been since 2020. I’m the founder of Inkpot Creative and I’ve created 50+ custom websites since starting my business!

From color block photography websites to those with nostalgic nods to the 1990s, we’ve got it all in this post. Keep reading to see the best modern photography websites.

Modern Photography Websites

D Hayman Photography

Four ipads have a green and blue website pulled up

When we came across D. Hayman Photography, we immediately noticed something special – its founder Devin (she/her), and the impressive emphasis on inclusivity that sets her apart from other South Carolina-based photographers.

We wanted to create a website that celebrates all kinds of couples while also highlighting Devin’s distinct personality, so this is easily one of the best modern photography websites.

Devin knew she was ready for something new. Something that would make her website stand out from the crowd and truly showcase her unique style in a crowded industry. We moved her from WordPress over to Showit for this website build.

Olivia Yuen Photography

An ipad has a photographer's blog design on the screen.

New Orleans-based photographer Olivia Yuen gave her website the makeover it deserves by working with Inkpot Creative! We spruced up her blog to ensure visitors can find whatever information they need in a breeze. With an updated, streamlined approach on this website, this website is both user-friendly and stylish.

When Olivia reached out, she was eager to give her website a more strategic approach. We got straight to work giving her home page, pricing guide, and blog a beautiful revamp – as well as refreshing her color palette and type suite for a more editorial edge.

Shel Francis Creative

Pages from a bright showit website are displayed.

Shel Francis Creative is all about color and connection in her imagery. Run by Colorado-based photographer Shel, it’s where couples go when they want to capture their special day in a true-to-life way, or businesses looking for creative branding photography solutions.

The new website has fun, layered vibes throughout with colorful pops of color to help draw the eye. Plus, the color purple is used throughout the website to inspire action from website visitors.

Kylee B Photography

Ipads show a retro photographer website.

Kylee, the Pennsylvania-based photographer who loves to add fun and color to her work, needed a website that expressed both her current business status and bright personality. Our custom design service was just what she needed; we created an online space that showed off its retro vibes while keeping those dream clients on their toes with strategic visuals!

Kylee was already a DIY pro, having handcrafted her website with Showit. However, it needed some fine-tuning to bring out its full potential – like making sure the user experience flowed effortlessly, and conversions were genuinely effective. These goals drove us as we worked together!

Emily Kyle Photography

Ipads have a modern photography website displayed.

Emily, an amazing wedding and lifestyle photographer from Detroit, was ready to get serious about her website. So she called in some design experts (us) who crafted a stunning site with 16 custom pages over two weeks flat!

Making sure no details were spared, we even seamlessly shifted it all from Squarespace onto Showit for that extra personal touch. The new website is clean and simple but also has touches of personality that make it truly stand out.

Max Catterson Photography

Three phones show a colorful photographer website.

Max Catterson, an Indy-based wedding/lifestyle photographer, desired a website that reflected his unique personality. We took him from simple and basic to bold and colorful!

When Max connected with us, he had the basics of a website covered. But it lacked personality – an expression of his personal brand and dedication to inclusivity weren’t quite getting through. So we set out on making that happen: breathing life into his vision for himself and revealing who was truly behind this brand!

The final website is one that truly stands out from the rest, featuring unique illustrations, examples of his work throughout, and fun interactivity that keeps visitors scrolling until they hit the contact button. To this day, Max’s is one of the best modern photography websites that gets the most love from others.

Sara Bishop Photography

An ipad displays a photographer website.

After years in the photography business, Sara Bishop (aka Bish) wanted to elevate her brand and website. So she got in touch with us for a VIP branding day followed by some custom site-building – completely moving it from Squarespace to Showit!

Now, this talented photographer has an elegant and luxurious site blended perfectly with fun typography and vibrant colors throughout; plus those delightful GIFs and videos bring everything together like magic. Exploring this website is like visiting a new city for the first time.

Mei Lin Barral Photography

An ipad has a wavy photographer site next to a plant.

Mei Lin Barral is a Chicago-based photographer who uses lens and love to bring together couples and their pets. She specializes in creating safe and inclusive spaces for any pairing of hearts that need capturing.

When Mei Lin contacted us, she was looking for a refresh — her Showit website and branding were in need of modernizing. The result is a new brand and website that feels fluid and unique.

Shifted Focus Photography

A laptop has a colorful website on the screen.

Mel of Shifted Focus Photography decided to up her digital game and invested in our custom website design service. The goal was to combine both documentary and family photography! We worked for two weeks crafting a timeless look that ensures there’s something beautiful from every angle.

Mel knew it was time for a change, because her site had an air of elegance but lacked the playful touch perfect for families. That’s why she turned to us; with our help, we struck that delicate balance between classic and fun on her new website. The result is completely unique and on-brand.

Eilish Bailey Photography

An ipad, iphone, and computer have a rock and roll website on the screen.

Eilish Bailey is a Virginia-based photographer who has an eye for capturing unforgettable moments. With her edgy brand, she stands out from the crowd and creates one-of-a-kind memories! It was time to have a website that did just the same.

After working together to design her branding, Eilish felt that her website was ready for a revamp. It didn’t seem like it accurately portrayed either herself or the business she had worked so hard for! So with an overhaul imminent, we set about creating something far more befitting this modern entrepreneur’s style, combined with a rock n’ roll edge.

Viceth Vong Photography

A person types on a laptop.

Viceth is a San Francisco-based photographer with an impressive eye for capturing beautiful wedding, family, and engagement moments. With his old website on Weebly feeling outdated and unable to accurately capture the amazing shots he takes, it was time for something more modern that could showcase his unique style.

Although visually pleasing enough with his bold imagery, the plain text on his old website made it difficult for visitors to get the information they needed quickly – not quite giving viewers that warm welcome he desired. With Weebly being its host platform, he was overjoyed when switching to Showit as this gave him much more control over how his work was displayed!

Jannatul Pramanik Photography

A person holds an apple pencil with a photographer website displayed on the ipad

Jannatul is a Virginia-based photographer whose passion for inclusivity shines through her lens. She had purchased a Santana template from our shop and wanted help getting it customized quickly so that she could finally launch her website.

Jannatul was looking to add a new element of professionalism and style with her already-established digital presence. Naturally, our customizable templates were the perfect way for her to quickly bring an elevated design aspect – plus we could give it that unique twist if needed by us customizing it for her!

With us on board, she felt secure in knowing that all of those creative ideas at hand would come together as one cohesive vision.

K Engel Photography

A laptop sits next to a mug and a grey cup.

Kendra, an incredible Boston and New England wedding photographer, was ready to take her business up a notch by saying goodbye to Flothemes and WordPress. She found the perfect match with us, with our Custom Web Design service where we design a website in only two weeks!

We created a top-notch amazing site that oozed luxury while still remaining sophisticated enough as it showed off all of her work.

When Kendra first reached out to us, she wanted a website-building platform that would let her make swift changes – no more painstakingly overhauling pages on FloThemes! Plus, she had tired of the same templated designs: it was high time for something fresh. The result is out of this world.

Final Thoughts: Professional Photography Websites

We hope you enjoyed this post on the best modern photography websites. Are you ready to give your website a makeover? Get in touch today!

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