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Looking for a sleek website design? You’ll want to check out this one created for Collette Joy Photo. Based on a template and designed in a day, this website truly is built to last and stand out from the crowd.

As a Showit Design Partner and website designer, I had the pleasure of designing this sleek website for Collette in 2023. When creating this website, I wanted to make sure that it was a representation of Collette’s personality and brand. I wanted to make sure the design was timeless while also being modern and fresh.

With her stunning imagery, we decided together on muted colors that let her work shine front and center. The result is an eye-catching yet minimalistic design that will last through the years. Keep reading to learn more about this sleek website design.

About Collette Joy Photo, a Texas Wedding Photographer

Three iphones pulled up with a photographer website pulled up.

To start off, let’s dive into the story of Collette (she/her), the talented Texas photographer behind Collette Joy Photo. Collette has a full-time gig but also juggles her passion for photography on the side. Her dream? To have a website that not only wows with its visuals but also makes life easy for her customers.

Collette had her website designed by another designer on Showit already a while ago, but felt that it wasn’t accurately depicting her business and the experience that she provides. She also felt that the font choices weren’t in line with her business anymore.

We knew that we’d be able to help create a more cohesive experience for Collette’s clients, with unique new font choices to match.

The One Day Website was the best option for her! With this service, we customize one of the templates from our shop and get it up and ready to launch in just a day.

Collette was already on Showit, but she knew it was time to level up her website game. She wanted something that was visually captivating while ensuring her clients could navigate through it without a hitch. That’s where our trusty One Day Website came to her rescue.

Now, let’s talk templates. Collette opted for the Callie template. It features fine lines, layered imagery, and parallax movements throughout to help draw the visitor’s eye from canvas to canvas.

To start the project off, our team took the time to understand her style, brand, and what she hoped to achieve with her website. It’s all about personalization – making sure that the website is a true reflection of the person behind the lens, even if it is based on a template.

A Stand-Out Strategy for This Sleek Website Design

Four ipads with a sleek website pulled up.

At Inkpot Creative, we do not even start the design portion of the project without hopping on a call to discuss strategy first. So, let’s dive into the strategy for this sleek website design!

Collette’s website strategy includes a focus on linear elements, such as lines, colors, and shapes that help to guide the user’s eye throughout the page. Making sure the design was consistent with her brand was an important factor in our decisions.

We also wanted to add hints of movement like parallax imagery and marquees that subtly move in the background or foreground when scrolling. This really helps to break up the monotony of a static page and creates a more powerful user experience.

Image-driven components were also an important factor in Collette’s website strategy. As a photographer, we needed lots of space for her portfolio pieces but wanted to make sure we weren’t overdoing it.

We chose to use subtle animations when transitioning between portfolio images, allowing us to show more pictures without creating a visual overload. Additionally, each portfolio image had its own description section, which helped enhance the message being conveyed by each image.

Finally, we chose to keep Collette’s website relatively simple and easy to navigate. We used clear typography and white space that balanced out all the images and visuals throughout the site while keeping things minimalistic enough for an effective user experience across different devices and browsers.

Final Results of this One Day Website

Website screens with a photographer website design pulled up with a brown background

Though we loved how the sleek website design turned out, our client, Collette, was even more excited. Here’s what she had to say:

“THANK YOU GUYS SOOO SOO MUCH! IT’S PERFECT AND PERFECTLY REPRESENTS MY BRAND! I cant stop looking at it! thank you thank you – you guys are amazing ?”

A custom website that’s sleek and easy to navigate is a great way to make sure your clients get the best experience possible.

Are you ready to level up your own website? Get in touch today to learn more about our custom Showit website design services. We’d love to create a website that reflects your brand on every page!

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