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My business would not be the same if I didn’t have business tools that I used almost daily to keep Inkpot Creative. At the moment, I’m just a one-woman show, so having different platforms and web-based tools really makes a difference for me!

Below, learn more about my favorite business tools.

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Administrative Tools

woman sitting at a round table working on a laptop with various notebooks and a drink next to her


I use Honeybook for all things invoicing and contracts. I also use it for all of my inquiry forms. The second someone fills out a form, I get an email with their information and they automatically get tagged within Honeybook for the project that they’re enquiring for. For a while, I also used it as my main tool for proposals too.


This is the ultimate scheduler when you’re trying to meet with clients! Instead of going back and forth sending emails for days, I just send over my Calendly link and a client can choose whatever time works for them. Plus, I have it integrated with Zoom, so they automatically receive the Zoom meeting link and it gets added to their Google Calendar.


Almost everyone knows what Zoom is now, but this is my favorite video meeting platform. I use the free version for now because I’ve never had a meeting exceed 40 minutes!

two people sitting on a couch as they both work on laptops


Because I try to limit the number of meetings that I have every week, Loom can be a huge lifesaver for me. With Loom, I can send over a screen-recorded presentation to get quick feedback and also to showcase my thought process to my clients.

Google Drive

Forget Dropbox, I use Google Drive to store all of my client’s final files! I like to think that this is one less platform that my client has to learn when working with me, so I like to keep things easy.

Google Calendar

I use Google Calendar for all of my time blocking. I don’t time block religiously, but I do it when I know I have a busy week or day coming up.

Marketing Tools

woman sitting at a long desk writing in a notebook with a laptop open in front of her


My go-to email marketing platform is Flodesk. It’s easy to use, I can create segments, and even create easy landing page forms for my freebies. Plus, the design options for the emails are fantastic

Facebook Creator Studio

I use Facebook Creator Studio for all of my scheduling for social media. Yes, there are tons of paid schedulers out there, but despite trying many of them, I always come back to Facebook Creator Studio. I find it the easiest to use… plus, it’s free!


Pinterest is one part of my marketing that I recently started and I decided to use Tailwind. I had used it for my travel blog before and averaged around 500k impressions a month, so I know it’s a powerful tool.

Task + Project Management Tools

two people sitting on a bed looking at a laptop while one is on a phone call and the other is putting headphones on


I use Trello for all of my client projects! I had tried out Asana, ClickUp, and even Notion, but I honestly just like the simplicity of Trello. Plus, as a visual person, I love the boards.

I do still have an Asana account set up on the backend outlining every single one of my tasks that go into each of my projects. I don’t use it actively at the moment, but I have it set up and ready for the day when I can finally start growing my team!

Things App

My absolute favorite task management software is called Things App. It downloads right onto your computer as an app, and I also have it on my phone. I love how easy it is to create different projects and stuff, but it’s still a simple task list which I love.

Design Tools

woman sitting on the floor working on a laptop with a disco ball next to her


I am obsessed with Showit! It’s the main platform that I’m lucky enough to build sites on, and I use it for my own website too. It’s very simple to use which is why I love using it to help my clients set up for success. It’s so easy for them to make edits once we are done working together!

Adobe Creative Suite

Any designer’s life would not be possible without the Adobe Creative Suite. It’s what I use to design almost everything, from logos to wireframes to other branding assets. I’ve been using it religiously for about 8 years now and honestly, would not have fallen in love with graphic design if it weren’t for this tool.

What business tools do you love?

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