Showit Ecommerce Web Design for a Photographer (using Shopify Lite!)

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One of the top things about this Showit ecommerce web design is that it’s literally built on the easiest-to-use page builder of all time: Showit! In 2021, we had an amazing photographer, Brooke Michelle, reach out to us to completely rehaul her shop because she was hoping to launch some new designs.

As Showit web designers, we have designed quite a few sites using Shopify Lite, but Brooke’s is by far our favorite. From the fun boho style to the super bright colors, this website is truly unique and unlike any other Showit and Shopify websites out there.

Brooke’s style is super colorful and casual, which is right up our alley, so we had so much fun designing this site. Keep reading to learn all about this Showit ecommerce web design!

Using Showit and Shopify Capabilities

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Similar to many of our other clients, Brooke already had a Showit Shopify website completely designed, but she felt that it was no longer working for her the way that she wanted it to. The design was simple and clean, sure, but it wasn’t as user-friendly as it could be and the design wasn’t visually interesting.

When asked about her website design, Brooke said, “Bleh. It did it’s job but something always felt off.”

Overall, Brooke wanted a new site that felt a lot more like other ecommerce websites. Think the big ones that you visit often on a daily basis for clothing. She wanted similar features to those, while staying on Showit, as to not compromise on the design aesthetics that Showit offers.

She was already on Shopify Lite, which is a great Showit integration that can be used for any type of product. It’s less than $10 a month, and we were able to integrate Shopify buy buttons throughout the website.

Brooke’s needs made her the absolute perfect fit for our custom web design package where we design a brand new site in just two weeks. One full week is spent on wireframing and mocking up the website and the second week is spent developing.

As a client, Brooke was super open to our ideas since we had designed many websites before hers, which made for a super fun collaboration. In the end, when seeing the completed website, Brooke said, “[I feel] FREE! I felt like my site wasn’t nearly as user-friendly or adaptive to the ever-changing shop I created and the consistent flowing ideas. The frame that I have for my site now allows my site to grow as I grow.”

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User-First UX Approach

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When it came to designing this new Showit ecommerce web design, our main goal was to focus on the user. Brooke felt that it wasn’t a streamlined user experience when people visited her old site, so we had to change that.

To do that, we made the site’s homepage very clean. With ecommerce, less is more! So, a lot of the main focus had to be on the products and the images. Luckily, Brooke’s a photographer, so her photos were already top-notch.

On the homepage, we kept it simple with spots for her categories, a brief introduction to the shop, some featured products, and also a link back to her main site in case someone wanted to head back there.

Another place we did a lot of changes was on her product pages. We separated her products by categories and made them super easy to sort through by a user. Even when someone clicks on the product, there’s now multiple images that come up in addition to a “you might also like” section at the bottom to keep people shopping and on the website longer.

Designing as an Extension of the Main Website

Phone laying on a leather journal. Next to it are a coffee mug, pink scarf, and wicker bag

As mentioned earlier, Brooke is a photographer who has a super boho and colorful style that’s vibrant. Needless to say, her work is incredibly unique, which we love. She already had a set-in-stone style and UX for her regular photography site, and this shop had to be an off-shoot of that.

She has been branching off to create some passive income streams in her business, including having an online store, which is why she needed a new Showit ecommerce web design.

Our goal here was to create a seamless UX experience that had a user-first approach while utilizing similar design layouts that were already used on her main website. This meant using all the fun colors from her branding, utilizing thick borders on images, and also creating collages to use throughout her site.

However, while we did use some similar to the design of her main site, we added tons of unique touches too, which is what we love to do here at Inkpot Creative. We really thought, how can we add visual interest that will keep someone scrolling on Brooke’s site and eventually purchase?

So, we added tons of fun hover effects, unique animations, and other one-of-a-kind effects throughout the site. We highly suggest checking it out on desktop to see it in style!

The best part? We don’t mess around. Our processes are tried and true and have been used on more than 40 custom websites. In fact, Brooke loved the process. When asked about it, she said: “The process was incredibly fast (like, I’m sorry a brand new site within two weeks? thats unheard of) and you always took my opinions, wants, and needs into account.”

The Final Result: A Gorgeous Boho Showit Shopify Website!

Laptop sitting on a gray table with a pen, plant, and pile of notebooks next to it.

In the end, we created a streamlined, user-friendly Showit ecommerce web design that we are hella obsessed with! It works and also is now in a place that Brooke can change it as she grows because it was built that way with her unique needs in mind.

Check out the final site by clicking here. I highly recommend checking it out on desktop!

In the end, here’s what Brooke had to say about the project:

“I randomly found [KP] through a Facebook forum and with little to no info about inkpot took the leap because I needed help. At the point of hiring help, I was exhausted and unhappy with my site, and she made the experience exciting. To go from burnt out to excited alone was worth the money paid. Everything was so fast, and she took all the things I mentioned and QUICKLY turned them into what I needed!”

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