9 One-of-a-kind Inspiring Photography Websites

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Are you a photographer in search of some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing? Look no further – we’ve got the perfect inspiring photography websites right here!

Here at Inkpot Creative, we specialize in websites that combine beautifully clever design and strategic user experience, and we work heavily with many wedding professionals. So, we know a thing or two when it comes to a photography website that stands out.

From bold web designs to those with more muted tones, these nine sites are sure to give any aspiring photography entrepreneur building their website an edge.

Francesca Lee Photography

Three phones show a wedding photographer website.

Francesca (she/her) is an NYC-based photographer whose bold, editorial style perfectly paired with her eye-catching branding for maximum impact. However, she was ready to take that branding to the next step and bring it to life with a custom website design on the Showit platform.

Francesca already had a website that she crafted on her own, and the time was definitely put in. Unfortunately, visitors to her site weren’t getting an optimal experience navigating around; additionally, it wasn’t conveying the same beautiful standard of work clients receive when working with her.

Together we created an unforgettable website design experience that will make waves in the City That Never Sleeps! Packed with vibrant colors to help draw the eye (especially the signature neon yellow used for an action color), visitors will love visiting this site.

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Tiffany Lantz Photography

Four ipads have a vibrant photographer website pulled up on the screen.

Tiffany (she/her) is a Pennsylvania-based photographer with an eye for capturing moments in vivid color. She sought out our collaboration to create her website, which is a true reflection of her personality—playful, colorful, and full of life!

When Tiff reached out for web help, she was using Squarespace… that is, until we introduced her to Showit. Because of the design possibilities of this revolutionary platform, it was an easy choice to switch her over so that she could keep her site easily updated!

When asked about the new website, Tiffany said:

“[Inkpot Creative was] able to take my thoughts and rough ideas and turn that into a professional website that is extremely user-friendly, fun, and unique. My site is able to convey a lot of information in an easily digestible way – I’ve received multiple comments stating how easy it is to use and find information! Inkpot is devoted to creating one of a kind websites to attract your dream client and I am so, so happy that I was able to work with them! I will always recommend Inkpot Creative to anyone looking for a website.”

Collette Joy Photo

Ipads showcase a dark and moody photographer website.

Collette (she/her) is a Texas-based photographer! Already having an impressive presence on Showit, she wanted something that was equal parts captivating and user-friendly. With this goal in mind, get ready for your jaw to drop when you take an adventure through her website.

Her website needed a revamp. She had worked with another designer in the past, but felt that her business and services weren’t represented properly anymore — especially when it came to font choices! Fortunately for her, we were here and ready to craft an experience embodying Collette’s brand identity like never before.

Collette needed to get her website up quickly. We had the perfect solution – our One Day Website! Through some swift customization of the Callie template, we created just what she desired in no time flat.

D. Hayman Photography

A mockup shows a green and blue website for a photographer.

If you’re looking for inspiring photography websites, don’t miss out on Devin’s site.

Get ready for a photography experience that goes beyond the ordinary with this website! D. Hayman Photography, based in South Carolina, is here to make memories and portraits as unique as you are, run by creative Devin (she/her).

It’s clear why this business stands out from other southern photographers: not only does she offer top-notch service, but her dedication to creating an inclusive environment sets the bar even higher.

Devin came to us eager for change. Ready to move away from the same ol’ WordPress and leap into a new world of website-editing freedom on Showit! We set out together on a mission: craft something far removed from all those light, airy competitors in her industry; create a site that made daring statements instead of bland ones.

Max Catterson Photography

A laptop is open to a custom Showit website.

Max Catterson (he/him) is an Indianapolis-based photographer who captures valuable memories with his lens. He was determined to make a website that showcased not only the quality of his work but also reflected the unique personality he brings to each session.

Max was ready to take his site up a notch. He was already on Showit, where he could combine professionalism with personality. He needed an online home that reflected inclusivity and allowed him to show off both his work and what makes his business unique, so staying on Showit was a perfect choice!

After pouring our creative juices into this project, Max’s website is so on-brand it’ll make you never want to stop scrolling. It’s an immersive experience that won’t let potential clients look away. Take the plunge and dive into his unique new website design.

Olivia Yuen Photography

A mockup shows a dark and timeless website for a New Orleans photographer.

When it comes to inspiring photography websites, Olivia’s is one that you’ll for sure want to check out.

Professional shutterbug Olivia Yuen is capturing the beautiful moments of New Orleans with her photography business. With a website already in place, this savvy pro was ready to take things up a notch and optimize their blog – giving visitors access to an array of insightful info! She also wanted to redesign her home page and pricing guide.

In addition to redesigning a few pages, we slightly revamped Olivia’s branding by swapping out red hues for dark greens/blues. We upgraded her type suite for a more editorial style. Plus, there are now GIFs throughout the site that keep a user’s attention when visiting.

Jenni Chapman Photography

An ipad has a Showit photographer website open for Jenni Chapman Photography.

Jenni (she/they) is a master creator and inspirational artist based in California whose signature Queer Soul Experience highlights the magic of podcasting, reading, and photography. It’s truly an experience like none other! So, we knew that Jenni needed an out-of-this-world website to match.

Jenni’s new website is designed to drop jaws, with a switch to Showit from Wix. The image-driven and scroll-stopping layout invites its visitors for an extended stay – making them downright inspired to hit that contact button!

Laura Quintero Photography

Phone screens show a brand photographer's website.

Laura (she/her) is a creative powerhouse of brand photography, and her website design needed to reflect that. Showit was the perfect choice for highlighting her one-of-a-kind experience! Laura’s website is truly one of the most inspiring photography websites.

Laura was eager to turn up the volume on her online presence. After customizing her old website, she knew it would take an extra special team like Inkpot Creative to ensure visitors had the jaw-dropping experience they deserved!

And wow—did our hard work pay off: from moving galleries to vibrant color bursts behind the text, there’s no doubt now that Laura has earned herself one of the most beautiful sites around.

Shel Francis Creative

A tablet displays a Showit web design for a photographer.

Shel Francis Creative is the exciting endeavor of Shel, a fantastic Denver-area photographer with an impressive portfolio. She specializes in weddings, couples shots, and brand photography and recently underwent new branding.

It was destiny when Shel came knocking – she wanted a vibrant new website to match her bold and energetic brand, so we couldn’t help but listen. She’d already handled the branding with a talented designer, leaving us ready to sprinkle our colorful powers on the site design…which turned out just as standout as she had hoped!

Our client wanted her website to have a personality all its own, so we crafted something that felt like an extension of herself- elevating her current style and adding some scrapbook elements for good measure. The subtlety of the purple touches to inspire action ensured it was never overwhelming, just enough to keep you looking around!

Photography is a valuable form of art and expression. It’s a way to capture special moments and share them with the world. All these inspiring photography websites are proof that you can have a personality-driven website for your business.

There’s no better time than now to invest in growing your passion for photography and find inspiration from some of these amazing sites. Whether you’re in pursuit of captivating visuals or just simply admiring the talent, we hope you enjoyed this post.

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