Two girls sit back to back on the floor in tie dye clothing. They are the designers behind the best Showit websites.

23 Best Showit Websites That Will Knock Your Socks Off

As an entrepreneur, you’re always trying to stay ahead of the game. Showcase your business in the best way possible with a great website… using Showit is one of the best ways to do that. So, we’ve rounded up some of the BEST Showit websites.

From funky modern designs to minimal and sleek layouts, you will surely find something that will knock your socks off! Anything is truly possible on the Showit platform, which is why we mostly design in the platform for our services.

Keep reading to learn about the best Showit websites and get truly inspired!

Liz Brindley

Four ipads have websites pulled up on them in bold colors, with a pink background.

Liz Brindley (she/her) is an artist of a different kind. Formerly Prints & Plants, she’s come back to us with her new branding and mission in mind – to create a website that stands. With our help, Liz has been able to have something beautiful built that captures the essence of who she is and what services she offers.

Liz had a website that was built using solely a TONIC website template, so we created something unique! We helped her distinguish between illustration and coaching services with eye-catching colors of yellow/blue for one and pink/green for the other. Now, she has an exciting new look to wow customers!

One Bell Designs

An ipad has a wedding planner website pulled up on it.

This is easily one of the best Showit websites! Rachel and Amy, founders of One Bell Designs wedding planning company, had a dream to upgrade their website. With the help of the Charlie Showit Template, we were able to make that vision become a reality! This dynamic duo is ready for even more success as its site is built with room for growth and expansion into the future (and beyond).

Rachel and Amy were eager to get a website up and running, so they went with Showit. Having their photography, branding, and copy all set to go made them the perfect candidates when it came time to choose from our collection of fab templates– in this case: Charlie!

Keala Co

Four ipads are laid out with an orange background showing an orange and black website design.

Keala Co is a new business with Coach Jennifer Olsson (she/her) at the helm. She knew her offerings deserved more than just social media, so we built a website to showcase her services in all their glory! The website radiates both boldness and personality, proving once again why thinking outside the box pays off. Take a look for yourself – you won’t be disappointed!

When Jennifer first reached out, she was ready to take her business up a notch. We helped bring that vision alive with our Callie Template from the shop; we worked some web magic and tapped into Showit for maximum impact!

Max Catterson Photography

A series of tablets show a photography website design.

Max Catterson is a wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer in Indianapolis. He was searching for the perfect website to show off his work – something that matches his style and personality so he could attract more dream clients.

We crafted an unforgettable online experience; it’s unique AND on-brand. When we first met Max, his website was a simple one-pager just getting the job done. However, he wanted to express his personality and share something that screamed inclusivity while showing off his fresh branding – so boom! We made it happen.

Shel Francis Creative

Different pages of a Showit web design are open against a pink field.

Shel Francis Creative is a Colorado-based photography studio owned and operated by the talented Shel. She wanted a brand new bold website that used her all-new branding – there are scrapbook elements here fit for uniqueness! Color plays its part, too, with strategic dashes of purple to direct viewers on their journey through this modern masterpiece.

Shel wanted to take her business game to the next level. She had already invested in a brand designer and was searching for someone who’d understand how best to showcase it with their colorful spin – that’s where we came in! We were able turn her dream website vision into reality with our vibrant style.

Kylee B Photography

Three tablets show a unique website design for a photographer.

Kylee, a vibrant Pennsylvania-based photographer, needed her website to showcase the same vividness that defines not just her photos but also who she is. Cue us – we were more than happy to use our custom design service and create something extraordinary for this talented photographer.

The end product was an unforgettable retro masterpiece, with all the necessary bells and whistles designed to capture attention until visitors inevitably hit contact. We think it’s perfectly picture perfect!

Kylee was truly a DIY dynamo with her website – she’d built it entirely on her own. But when we got together, our mission was to take things up a notch and revamp the site for better conversions and an even easier user experience… so that’s what we did!

Francesca Lee Photography

Three iphones show a wedding photographer website on mobile with a neon yellow background.

Francesca has stepped up her game and is ready to take New York City by storm with a distinctive website design from Showit that stands out from the rest. With an editorial style as timeless as the city, plus lively pops of yellow for extra oomph, she’s showing you can be both classic and modern at once!

When she first reached out, Francesca had a website that didn’t represent the caliber of work she produces for her clients. She admitted it was “very mediocre,” and she was ready to bring it to the next level. Now, she has one of the best Showit websites!

K Cutright Wedding Coordination

An ipad sits next to coffee, a pile of books, a pair of glasses, and a croissant.

Kelsey – wedding planner and stationery designer extraordinaire – wanted a website that was as unique as she is. After moving her website from Squarespace to Showit, we were able to do just that!

A perfect blend of elegance and playful fun, with its sophisticated touches, fun patterns, and exciting hover effects on desktop – this isn’t your average wedding planning website.

When Kelsey initially contacted us, she had a website on Squarespace that was totally lacking pizzazz. So we got to work transforming her page into something worthy of the powerhouse behind it.

Brooke Michelle Photography (Shop Design)

An ipad has a pink and yellow website pulled up next to a pen, a succulent, and a pink and grey journal.

Brooke Michelle was looking for a fun, vibrant way to bring her photography shop online in a more resourceful way. With the help of some web design strategy, we crafted an exciting shop full of playful apparel and digital products that will surely put smiles on faces everywhere!

Streamlined with unexpected touches here and there, this new website is bringing color to the online space. It is cohesive with her photography website, making for a seamless experience for those who visit.

When Brooke first contacted us, she sought a way to take her shop’s website from great to extraordinary. She wanted something that looked more like an actual shop. So we got down to business and helped transform this site into what it is today.

We design almost all of our websites on Showit, but it’s not the best fit for everybody. If you’re struggling to find out what website platform is best for your business, take our free website quiz!

Sara Bishop Photography

A set of ipads display a pink and white website.

Arizona-based photographer Sara Bishop (or Bish) was ready to shake things up in the early 2000s, and so she founded a photography business. After years of success, it was time for something fresh with an all-new brand and website!

We helped transform Bish’s site into one that oozes elegance with delightful typographical accents brightening every page – plus plenty of extra flair from GIFs and videos.

Bish was ready for a total transformation from her current Squarespace site, so she reached out to us. She wanted something beautiful and immersive that truly captured the amazing work and experience her brand offers – which led us straight to Showit!

This website-building platform offered the perfect design options with no coding needed; it was exactly what we were looking for in order to create an unforgettable glow-up.

K Engel Photography

An ipad has a wedding photographer website pulled up, showing couples in love.

Kendra is an incredible Boston and New England wedding photographer who wanted to take things up a notch. She enlisted the help of our Custom Web Design service, which produced her amazing new site within two weeks!

When Kendra first approached us, she was in search of a platform that would allow her the freedom and ease to make changes as quickly as inspiration struck – no longer tied down by any templatized website constraints! We heard her needs loud and clear, so we took it upon ourselves to bring our strategic design process into play for an exciting new approach. Plus, we moved her to Showit.

The end result? A beautiful, luxurious home for Kendra’s unparalleled photography that just oozes sophistication – you have to see it yourself! It’s easily one of the best Showit websites.

Jannatul Pramanik Photography

An ipad is laid on a table next to a cup of coffee.

Jannatul, an inclusive photographer based in Virginia, needed a website quickly. She came to us for template customization and chose the Santana template from Not Your Average Template Shop as her design base.

Jannatul needed a way to express herself through her website but found it difficult amidst all the other things she had on her plate! With our customization services, however, we were able to help bring clarity and life into what was once just an idea. Now Jannatul’s website is something worth bragging about!

MADE Tattoo & Mercantile

A laptop has a web page open next to a succulent.

MADÉ Tattoo & Mercantile is a Denver-area tattoo shop with an inclusive atmosphere and welcoming vibe that stands out from more classic tattoo shops. To bring this unique feel to the web, we used our Clarke Showit template for total transformation – think soft movements, fun GIF logo, and signature arch shapes throughout!

A safe space where anyone can get some ink? It doesn’t get more chill than this.

When Chloe contacted us, she already had a successful Instagram presence and was eager to make her business more findable on the web. We knew we could help give it the ultimate upgrade – an online platform where people could appreciate all of her studio’s fantastic artistry!

Emily Kyle Photography

A series of ipads is laid out with a black and grey website pulled up.

Emily was ready to ditch her Squarespace website and invest in something uniquely hers! And thanks to our custom web design service – mission accomplished! We designed 16 pages over two weeks. Plus, we moved the entire site from Squarespace; this website has definitely earned its wings on Showit now.

Emily had just about reached her limitations with Squarespace. The old look was so clean but also simple – we knew that a splash of color could do wonders in making it lively and visually appealing. After putting pen to paper (or hand to mouse?), the fresh new design and revamped copy gave life back to this website!

Samantha Hoilett

Ipad with a copywriter's website pulled up sitting on a green table. Pink flowers, a purple manila envelope, and a gold pen are on the table.

Samantha Hoilett, a copywriting master, couldn’t resist the temptation to upgrade her WordPress website. We pulled out all stops and used the Santana template from our shop – transforming it in only 24 hours!

When Samantha first ventured online, she had a website built on WordPress. It worked well enough – but lacked that special something to make it truly stand out and provide the ultimate experience her clients deserved. Ultimately, its real purpose of nurturing leads was getting left behind in favor of Dubsado… so clearly, an upgrade was due!

It’s easily one of the best custom Showit websites.

Mei Lin Barral Photography

An ipad sits on a wooden stool with a green and red photography website pulled up.

Mei Lin Barral is a Chicago-based photographer who captures unforgettable moments of love between couples and their four-legged friends. But that’s not all – she also creates an inclusive, safe space for any couple. With her vibrant personality shining through her work, it was time to upgrade the website with something unique and meaningful.

Mei Lin had already adopted our recommended platform for photographers, Showit – but her branding and website were in need of a serious update. Wanting to have something more timeless, she came to us for help breathing new life into these aspects with our brand and web services!

Collette Joy Photo

Four ipads are laid out with a dark and moody website pulled up

Collette, a Texan photographer juggling full-time work and her side hustle, wanted to create an eye-catching site that was easy for customers. Our customizable Callie template turned into something tailor-made for this project.

Collette hadn’t been totally satisfied with her website. She wanted something more than what she had – the look and feel of it didn’t truly reflect what she was about, nor aptly express the experience she offers to clients.

We saw that our help could make a world of difference by creating an atmosphere befitting of how amazing Collette is through an upgraded website, a new color palette, and on-brand typography.

Magic Juju Coaching

A laptop, ipad, and phone have a coaching website on the screen in red and peach.

Julia from Magic Juju Coaching had decided that it was time to revamp her website and make a real statement about what she does with the digital world. With our team of experienced creatives, we could transform her old Wix website into something befitting someone as magical as Julia!

We created a Showit masterpiece that truly celebrates who she is and proudly flaunts all the intimate self-love insights she shares on her shiny new web home.

We set out crafting mini branding that would showcase all of her amazing content! Bright colors added some shine while perfectly placed type gave Julia’s website an extra special touch – resulting in a standout final product built over on Showit.


Two screens show a website that's purple, black, and moody.

Brandcendent, the incredible coaching and copywriting business by Steph (she/they) and Theo (they/them), needed a website to take their venture to the next level – so they reached out for help from Inkpot Creative.

Our mission was simple: create an unforgettable site with interactive elements on each page that make it fun for users to scroll through. The result? A stunning live site packed full of hover effects, clickable canvases, and parallax imagery.

Laura Quintero Photography

A series of iphones shows a website for Laura Quintero on mobile.

Ready to put her business on center stage, Laura knew she needed a Showit website design that could capture the dynamism of her brand photography and one-of-a-kind experience. Instead of trying an upgrade solo, she went straight for the spotlight with Inkpot Creative!

The result? A site dripping in personality down to every moving gallery and gif – topped off with pops of color behind the text to make sure everyone visiting won’t forget it easily.

Jenni Chapman Photography

A set of ipads has a website for Jenni Chapman Photography pulled up.

Jenni is an awe-inspiring artist who’s Queer Soul Experience merges storytelling with photos in a way that has us completely captivated! With a transition from Wix to Showit for their new website, the site itself will leave you awestruck.

When asked about the original design, Jenni mentioned that while it had all the right elements in place, some key components were missing – most notably mobile optimization! We jumped at the chance to not only make sure everything ran smoothly on mobile devices but also to help give this site a professional edge.

Be Here Wellness & Counseling

An ipad is laid on top of a book with a therapist website pulled up.

The amazing therapist Brooke partnered with us and Bethany Works® to design the awesome new look of Be Here Wellness & Counseling.

Before coming on board, they didn’t have a website! We had the chance to create something truly special. Brooke was determined to take her practice up a level, so she reached out and told us about the photoshoot she’d already scored with a fantastic photographer.

She knew what kind of branding and website would help elevate her marketing – now we just had to make it happen. The result is truly the most unique therapist website design out there.

Tiffany Lantz Photography

Three iphones show a colorful website on mobile.

Tiffany is a Pennsylvania-based photographer who loves color, and she was on the hunt for someone to help make her colorful personality shine through. That’s when our paths crossed: two creatives with an eye for vividness – it seemed destined!

We knew we were prepared to create something that would be truly spectacular—something worth all those stand-out images of hers.

Tiff was captivated by Showit’s design capabilities, which made the shift from Squarespace totally worthwhile. After just one conversation with us, she saw how limitless her new website could be! The result is colorful and strategic.

Well, there you have it! Now you know all about the best Showit websites. If you’re looking for a Showit designer, we’d love to help. Click here to get in touch.

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